HVE is a French agricultural certification that recognises a high level of commitment to protecting and enriching the environment by all kinds of agricultural operations, including vineyards. It stands for 'Haute Valeur Environnementale' – High Environmental Value. 


Despite calling ourselves Pink Diesel, there is no inherent contradiction. Good, green and eco friendly are all at the heart of our brand and we are very conscious of that. Our producers follow the philosophy: make authentic wines guided by nature. We have partnered with a family run vineyard who produce our wine and also share these values around sustainability. They harvest entirely by hand and eliminate machinery where possible to lower co2 emissions.

We are particularly focused on four key areas: biodiversity conservation, flora protection strategy, management of fertiliser use and management of water use.

Biodiversity conservation:

Conserving all the different kinds of life you'll find around the vines, including plants, birds, bees & allowing them to live & thrive in habitual harmony.

Flora protection strategy:

Protecting and restoring flowers surrounding the vines, saving species & allowing them to develop & grown in harmony with the vines.

Management of water use:

Our producers reconstruct old wells surrounding the vines to water the land as naturally as possible.

Management of fertiliser use:

We practise unique ways to replenish nutrients in the soil. Including plating & growing crops, & grains, to give to the land back, what we take.