Co-Founders, Marina Ayton & Amy Gatehouse, Fuel Stop Bar at The Goodwood Revival Festival 2021

Pink Diesel was Co-Founded by Marina Ayton & Amy Gatehouse in 2021. Frustrated with the rosé offering they were presented with across supermarket shelves, they noticed a gap in the market for a quality tasting rosé with a personality to match it. With over a decade of #fuelgoodtimes between them, Marina & Amy are on a mission to inject the rosé wine industry with their energy and passion for creating memories to last a life time. 
“We wanted to create a quality Rosé wine built on a pure love to #FUELGOODTIMES and evoke nothing but memories. We've spent a lot of time finding the right grape producers and work with a family-run vineyard in Provence, who care just as much about quality as we do. All grapes are picked by hand picked by hand, in low yields, to ensure only the best are chosen and to limit machinery use which therefore pollutes the environment.”
Two thirsty female entrepreneurs shaking up the stuffy male-dominated wine industry.