Pink Diesel was built upon a pure love to #fuelgoodtimes. Friends for over 20 years, Amy & Marina set out on a mission to source a rosé wine from Provence that did not compromise on quality. Their aim was to match this with an identity that challenges the somewhat patronising stigma that surrounds women drinking rosé.

The name Pink Diesel encapsulates how wine makes you feel - hence our slogan #fuelgoodtimes. It's about creating memories, kicking back with family or friends or by yourself with a book and a good glass of wine. How do you #fuelgoodtimes?
  It's not about 'fuelling' up in an un-ladylike way, (thank you to anyone who has ever coined it 'Bitch Diesel' or 'Lady Petrol'). Men drink rosé too, right? Women have quite often received a bad reputation for drinking wine:
"Feminised marketing popularised concepts like 'mummy juice' and 'wine o'clock', linking them to how busy women navigated anxiety" (BBC)

For the record, this is NOT what Pink Diesel stands for. It's a new type of rosé, that exists to shake up the current offering with a delicious, quality juice and a personality to match it!
Despite calling ourselves Pink Diesel, there is no inherent contradiction. Good, green and eco-friendly are all at the heart of our brand and we are very conscious of that!
We are thrilled to work with our producers very closely, who have been awarded Haute Valeur Environnementale (HVE) certification (meaning "high environmental value"). This is awarded to farmers/winegrowers who choose to take a "reasoned" approach to their work, from wine cultivation to bottling.

We are on our way to becoming B-Corp certified and will always make decisions based on sustainability and giving back to the planet.

-Let's continue to #fuelresponsibly.-

With our unorthodox attitude, we are fuelling a wine revolution! Belt up and join us for the journey...