Finalist - Young Entrepreneur of The Year with the StartUp Awards

Co-Founder @pink_diesel


1. Can you remember where you had your first glass of wine?

At home with my Dad, in London - think I must have been 8 years old, I drank some of his red and told him it tasted like chocolate & plums... not a bad start! ;)

2. Favourite place to wine and let your hair down?

Doesn't matter where - but it has to be with my school mates. We normally all end up dancing on tables, putting the world to right and reminiscing about the times we snuck out of our catholic boarding school to see boys!!!

3. Best glass you ever had, where, with who? 

The glass of rosé (what a coincidence) I drank with my best mate & now Co-Founder Marina Ayton back in 2020, where the idea for Pink Diesel was born. We were at the time, drinking Whispering Angel. 

4. Favourite food & wine pairing?

A slice of Victoria Sponge Cake & a glass of Pink Diesel (surprise surprise). 

5. If you were a bottle of wine, which would you be?

Do I really need to answer that question? 

(Pink Diesel - brimming with energy, representing the fuel-ture of wine drinking!)



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