What To Pair With Rosé Wine | Pink Diesel's Israeli Road Trip

This week Pink Diesel transported itself to Jerusalem - Fuel an Israeli Feast!

With a menu influenced by the rich cultures of Southern Spain, North Africa and the Levant - here's our road map on Pink Diesel's pairing with this cultural mix:


Destination 1 |
Burnt Aubergine With Tahini & Pomegranate
Pit Stop Notes | Pink Diesel's peach highlights pair perfectly with the juicy, sweet outbursts of the pomegranate seeds here. Equally the sweet sesame of the tahini is brought out by the wines fruity notes.

Destination 2 |
Shashukit - A Minced Meat Recipe from Jerusalem
Pit Stop Notes | This dish oozes flavour with cumin, paprika and rose harissa. With a glint of cured lemon paste added to the mix Pink Diesel's citrus undertones are enhanced and each sip makes for a spicy and sharp explosion!

Destination 3 |
Salata Mishwiyya - Tunisian Grilled Mixed Salad
Your palate will need cooling down after this sparky, tomato salsa inspired salad. We can think of a no better way than with a sip of crisp, Pink Diesel.